Blueberry and Cranberry in our country is very mixed two different fruits.
Dark blue-purple color gives the antosiyanidin pigmet of this fruit.
This is the fruit of multiple sclerosis may also be useful in these patients.
It is beneficial to the intestinal and digestive system.
good for constipation and diarrhea.
Blueberry prevents sagging in the body.
Protect from cancer.
Alzheimer’s disease, protects us from diseases such as dementia.
You can eat with the blueberries dry oatmeal with prunes.
Dried fruits smooths wrinkles.
There are benefits for diabetics.
Blueberry dry (Bilberry) dry is almost no market.
Wild shaped Mersin blackish purple, dry, is also the same color.
Red and should not be confused with that of cranberry orange.

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