Toptan Kivi Kurusu, Wholesale Kiwi Dried

Dried Kiwi

  • Having rich vitamin A and C and potassium content, kiwi
  • It has rich mineral content such as calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • It has high nutritional value.
  • Kiwi facilitates digestion and prevents constipation by facilitating intestinal functions since it has high fiber content.
  • It strengthens the body and immunity system.
  • It is effective against cold such as flu and grippe.
  • It is good against asthma with its effects facilitating breathing.
  • It is protective against cancer formation and development particularly in breast cancer.
  • It regulates blood pressure.
  • It reduces tension and cholesterol in blood.
  • It facilitates liver functions and cleans blood
  • It reduces aging effects on skin

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