Kuru Erik Toptan

Dried Plum
It has vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, A, C and E, protein, carbohydrates, cellulose and calcium, sodium, iron, potassium and magnesium minerals.
It regulates periods,
It is diuretic and diaphoretic. You may boil dried plums in water and drink its juice against severe coughing complaints. Containing vitamin B, plum supports nerve system.
It cleans blood and it is remedy against anemia.
Having antifebrile effect, plum also helps us in cleaning of teeth.
It has positive effects on digestion system.
It should be consumed in limited amounts. Seeds of plum passes intestinal worms
Dried prunes contain approximately 6,1 g of dietary fiber per 100 g, while prune juice is devoid of fiber due to filtration before bottling…
Prunes contain large amounts of phenolic compounds (184 mg/100 g), mainly as neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids, which may aid in the laxative action and delay glucose absorption.
Phenolic compounds in prunes had been found to inhibit human LDL oxidation in vitro, and thus might serve as preventive agents against chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.
Additionally, high potassium content of prunes (745 mg/100 g) might be beneficial for cardiovascular health.
Dried prunes are an important source of boron, which is postulated to play a role in prevention of osteoporosis. A serving of prunes (100 g) fulfills the daily requirement for boron (2 to 3 mg).”

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